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Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC) works closely with local schools to develop an understanding and support for the children of those in service.

In 2012 the new School Admissions Code and Infant Class Size Regulations came into force which offered additional support to Forces children. The admittance of a Forces child became one of the ‘excepted permissions’ of the code for all admission authorities. This allows authorities to admit a Forces child over the class size ruling, which states there must be one teacher for every 30 pupils, providing proof of a posting is received. CWAC enforces this legislation.

CWAC allows the parent/carer of a Forces child to apply in advance of their posting date. Places will then be allocated based on address.

Education applications for places are made through the Local Authority which is Cheshire West and Chester.

Dale Barracks offers a pre-school facility in the Service Families Accommodation area. The HIVE at Dale Barracks also provides service families with details of local nursery provision and local schools.

Dale Barracks will be offering a free Adult Functional Skills Literacy course, which started in September 2014.